A guide to FREEVIEW Digital TV

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Get Free digital television through your aerial with FREEVIEW!

Freeview GuideFreeview is a Digital Television service. It allows you to get more channels on your TV. To do this you need to make sure your area has coverage. Then you need to buy and install a Freeview set top box. You will then have access to over 30 digital TV channels plus many digital radio stations all for free!

Digital TV also unlocks the world of interactive television services. Get news on demand, play games and have access to 1000's of digital teletext pages all from the comfort of your sofa. All this through a TV aerial, unlike SKY TV no dish is required.

Getting Freeview is easy see our How to get Freeview page, a guide to getting free-to-air digital TV.

Apart from the obvious benefit of getting up to 30 great channels to choose from, digital TV also gives you:

  • Better picture and sound

  • Improved Teletext services

  • Interactivity

  • Onscreen channel guide

  • Future-proofing


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